Friday, 31 October 2014

Beers and Spirits comp: Tesco £50.14, ASDA £48.55, Sainsbury's £58.30, Morrisons £51.37

First beers and spirits comp, top line results:

Tesco £50.14
ASDA £48.55
Sainsbury's £58.30
Morrisons £51.37

Similar story to the rest of the comps, Asda leading on value with Tesco and Morrisons not too far behind, however, Sainsbury's continue to be totally out of line on price across virtually every category. Brands in the basket included lower range lagers Fosters and Carlsberg as well as premium brands such as Peroni. In Spirits I compared the category leader of Whiskey, Vodka and Gin. Interestingly 3 out of the 4 are selling the same £15 for 1L on a large selection of branded spirits - this is a good deal and worth checking out. Full table below:

Comp Shop completed 1/11/14 using data from, and