Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Essential Comp: Tesco £20.78, ASDA £20.90, Sainsbury's £23.48, Morrisons £21.28

In a slight change of approach from the previous comp shop I have decided to do a category comp every couple of days. For example a basket of essentials or Household or Health and Beauty etc. I hope to get a standard basket of goods for each category which I can re-comp every week, so we will be able track prices over time on a like-for-like basis. 

The first in this series is Food Essentials. This basket of goods contains a mix of the most basic products. I tried to balance the basket with a mixture of produce, meat and staples. Of course comping items like produce and meat is always difficult as guaranteeing the products are of like-for-like quality is not always easy. For example supermarkets will vary in the amount of trim left of the chicken breast fillets, these potential differentiators do mean that caveats do apply when looking at a comp like this, however as you can see the majority of the products in the basket of goods are directly comparable across all supermarkets. 

As always, in order of market share the top line results were as follows

Tesco £20.78
ASDA £20.90
Sainsbury's £23.48
Morrisons £21.28

Interestingly Tesco coming out cheapest and Asda a close second, the opposite to many of the headlines recently. Morrisons not too far behind, however Sainsbury's (who have not yet reacted to the price cuts happening across the industry) was £2.70 more expensive than Tesco across a very basic basket of goods, this shows how out of sync they are on price. 

Comp Shop completed 28/10/14 using data from Tesco.com. Sainsburys.co.uk, Asda.com and Morrisons.com