Thursday, 30 October 2014

Non-Food essentials comp: Tesco £34.67, ASDA £31.82, Sainsbury's £36.51, Morrisons £35.22

Non-food essentials comp shop, top line results:

Tesco £34.67
ASDA £31.82
Sainsbury's £36.51
Morrisons £35.22

The basket included only branded items including Fairy, Colgate, Head and Shoulders, Finish, Persil and Gillette.

Quick note about pack sizes used for comparisons, currently I always use the cheapest price per unit pack size the retailer offers - this is something I may look at changing in the future, most probably by putting a cap on the pack size, for example when comping free range eggs I may accept a pack size of between 1 - 15 and I will select the cheapest of the options, anything over 15 will be considered a different item - I believe this will more accurately represent value each retailer offers for the customer. Secondly in previous comps I have selected the master-pack size (this is the size in which all offerings are prorated up or down for for comparison) fairly randomly, usually to give each product roughly equal weighing across the comp. However in this comp I have used the smallest available pack size for each item as the master-pack. This changed the outcome of the comp significantly but I think it gives a more accurate reflection of what customers should except to pay, however it does give unequal weighing across different products, in particular Persil and Gillette.

Comp Shop completed 30/10/14 using data from, and