Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Morrisons Promotion Prices

While I was at Morrisons today I noticed a huge number of promotions, it seemed like more than usual. This surprised me because Morrisons have been saying for months how they are scaling back promotion activity, and the few they do will be more meaningful. 

Well I thought I should put it to the test, so I jotted down the promotion prices on a 6 items the were advertising as better than half price, and I have compared the price of this 6 item basket across the big 4 - Surely Morrisons must beat the competition on this one, the basket is certainly in their favour. 

Comp Shop completed 28/10/14 using data from Tesco.com. Sainsburys.co.uk, Asda.com and in Morrisons Store
Well no, not quite, 3rd place in fact. One thing I must note in defence of Morrisons was that the majority of these products were on promotion at the other stores at the same time. However it does seem on the face of it they are not following through on their promise of fewer more meaningful promotions.