Thursday, 6 November 2014

11 Varieties of Cornflakes compared

Today I bought every type of cornflakes sold in the UK, the branded Kelloggs, all the own branded Supermarkets and Aldi and Lidl. In total there were 11 variations. 

Cornflakes in the UK

The price varied hugely from £1.99 per 750g (Kelloggs) to £0.46 (Asda Smartprice), and we found the quality tended to vary with the price. Here was the blind tasting table:

Cornflakes tasting table

We found they fitted into four categories of taste. Asda Smartprice was the worst (also the cheapest), it was bland and flavorless and people found inedible on it own. Next were the rest of the basics range which were slightly better (although not much!). Followed by the mid-range products from all the supermarkets including Aldi and Lidl, these  were good , and quite tasty and were vertically indistinguishable from each other, based on the ingredients many were the same, and probably made in the same factory. Lastly, Kellogg's cornflakes did stand out as the best product, it had more flavor and more crunch than the others - If you are a cornflake lover I would recommend sticking with these. However the vast price difference and the limited difference in taste does suggest that for many the value buy would be one of the own brand products. The table below shows the price difference per 750g and the taste rating. 

Cornflakes compared

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