Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Aldi and M&S Vs Colman's Tartare Sauce

This is a comparison between 3 different Tartare Sauces, Coleman's, M&S and Aldi.

Tartare Sauce Aldi's Bramwells (left), Colman's (centre), M&S (right)

Price for 200g of Tartar Sauce: 
Aldi's Bramwell 59p
Colman's  88p
M&S 96p

Although Aldi does show a large saving as a percentage, when you look at the actual cost difference it is only 30-40p which is not a huge amount - so taste will be the main factor in this comparison. 

Taste: These Tartare Sauces were tested with a lovely piece of cod and chips. All four of us are regular Colman's eaters, so we could be slightly biased, however I ensured this was a complete blind test. Three out of the four found the Aldi sauce indistinguishable from the Colman's, and the other preferred the Coleman's however admitted they were very similar in texture and taste. 

The M&S one was very different, one tester commented that it tasted similar to homemade tartare sauce and a quick glance at the ingredients showed they used more premium ingredients, instead of glucose fructose syrup they used only sugar, and they did not use Spirit vinegar like Colman's do. All four testers said the M&S sauce was good but only one actually preferred it, I imagine this was due to the others (myself included) being used to the Coleman's taste. 

So if you regularly eat Colman's it may be worth trying out the Aldi version as we found they tasted very similar and Aldi is about 30p cheaper. On the other hand if you would like to try a more premium tartare sauce I would definitely recommend M&S.

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