Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Are B&M Stores cheaper than Supermarkets?

Following on from my post about the 99p Store where I found it to be considerably cheaper on many branded items here is my review of B&M.

Firstly, they sell many well known branded products found at all the supermarkets, so I have done a price comparison on 22 products:

B&M - £41.35
Tesco - £44.11
Asda - £39.46
Morrisons - £45.53

B&M claim to offer big savings on brands, so it was surprising that B&M were not the cheapest and in fact ASDA were. Considering you would have to make a special trip to B&M I can hardly see the value that it offers, although they do show a saving on a few items such as Cif Cream and Finish Classic Dishwasher tablets its not worth getting excited about.

B & M Comparison
Johnsons Baby Bath 200ml£0.99£0.35£0.60£1.10
Johnsons Baby Powder 200g£1.15£0.90£0.60£0.78
Yorkshire Tea 240 bags£3.99£5.50£5.98£4.00
Princes Cornbeef 325g£1.89£2.38£2.37£2.37
Colgate Total White 75ml£1.49£1.33£1.20£1.20
Listerine 1L£3.99£4.00£4.00£5.00
Radox Bath 500ml£0.99£1.50£1.00£1.00
Head and shoulders 250ml£1.99£1.67£1.25£1.66
E45 Cream 50g£1.89£0.95£0.95£0.95
Comfort Blue Skies 1.5l£2.49£3.00£2.00£3.25
Fairy Original 870ml£1.49£1.64£1.50£2.00
Finish Classic 10pk£0.99£1.43£1.15£1.92
Cif Cream 500ml£1.50£2.50£2.00£2.34
Flash Lemon 469ml£0.99£1.08£0.70£0.93
Cillit 750ml£1.69£3.50£2.00£1.74
Domestos Original 750ml£0.99£0.56£0.56£1.10
Dettol 500ml£2.39£2.33£2.33£2.33
Oust 300ml£0.99£1.00£1.00£2.25
Pedigree gravy 6x400g£2.99£2.50£2.50£2.99
Dreamies 60g£0.99£1.00£1.00£1.00
Diet Pepsi 15x330ml£3.99£3.75£3.75£4.38
Pringles 190g£1.49£1.24£1.00£1.24
 Comparison Shop 25/11/14 using data from Tesco.com. Sainsburys.co.uk, Asda.com and in B&M Stores

Next I wanted to see whether B&M were cheaper on the electrical items they sold:

Swan 2 Slice Toaster B&M 12.99, Tesco Direct £16, Wilkos £16

Morphy Richards Accents Slow Cooker Red - B&M £19.99, Amazon £22.50, Tesco £24.50

Vax pets 2000w Upright Vacuum - B&M £69.99, Tesco £119.99, Amazon £79.98

So yes, in contrast to the everyday household items B&M seem to show a saving on the electrical goods compared. Furthermore B&M sell a large range of unique products ranging from Home decorations to Toys which can be very good value. 

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