Friday, 14 November 2014

Beers and Spirits comparison: Tesco £48.90, ASDA £53.11, Sainsbury's £59.20, Morrisons £53.91

This is the third Beers and Spirits comparison. The entire basket was the same as last week so next to the top line results I have included a plus or minus bracket to show the change on the previous week. 

Tesco £48.90 (-£3.33)
ASDA £53.11 (£+2.81)
Sainsbury's £59.20 (no change)
Morrisons £53.91 (+£0.70)

The result to talk about this week is clearly Tesco, with a huge reduction in price displacing Asda in 1st place which has only happened once before in a price comparison. Sainsbury's and Morrisons are virtually unchanged. 

Beers and Spirits
Becks Bier bottles 275ml x 6£3.00£3.30£3.60£4.00
Becks Vier bottles 275ml x 6£4.00£4.00£3.60£4.00
Foster's 440ml x 6£3.00£3.60£3.60£4.50
Carlsberg 440ml x 6£3.60£3.30£5.25£4.00
Peroni 1500ml£4.55£5.00£5.05£5.00
Guinness 440ml x 4£3.47£3.20£4.40£3.50
Gordins Gin 500ml£7.50£7.86£10.00£7.86
Smirnoff Vodka 500ml£7.50£9.25£9.50£7.86
Bells Scotch Whiskey 500ml£9.29£10.00£11.00£9.00
Strongbow 440 x 6£3.00£3.60£3.20£4.20

Comp Shop completed 14/11/14 using data from, and

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