Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Essential Comp: Tesco £22.08, ASDA £21.05, Sainsbury's £21.66, Morrisons £21.20

Last I did this comp was on the 28th October, and surprisingly we have seen quite a few changes - as the top line figures show Tesco has been pushed back from 2nd to 4th place behind Sainsbury's. 

ASDA £21.05
Morrisons £21.20
Sainsbury's £21.66
Tesco £22.08

I did make a couple of changes to the comp which made it not directly comparable to last weeks. First I introduced a max pack size for sunflower oil and granulated sugar, this is because the comparisons were being skewed by 5kg and 5L bottles of each. Second I altered a few of the pack weights around to make them more representative of a commonly purchased basket of goods. 

Comp Shop completed 4/11/14 using data from Tesco.com. Sainsburys.co.uk, Asda.com and Morrisons.com