Monday, 10 November 2014

Essential Foods Comparison: Tesco £22.35, ASDA £21.97, Sainsbury's £23.09, Morrisons £23.10

Last I did this comp was on the 4th November, and we have seen a few changes:

ASDA £21.97
Tesco £22.35
Sainsbury's £23.09
Morrisons £23.10

Previously Asda was the cheapest followed by Morrisons, Sainsbury's then Tesco. This week paints a different picture, Asda are still the cheapest, however this time followed by Tesco, Sainsbury's then Morrisons (although not by far). 

Essential Food Comp
6 Free range eggs£0.98£0.80£0.80£1.20
Semi Skimmed Milk 2L£0.87£0.87£0.87£0.88
Walburtons medium sliced 800g£1.00£1.00£1.45£1.00
Heinz Baked Beans 1.6Kg£1.93£2.40£2.31£1.93
Granulated Sugar 1.5 Kg£1.16£1.16£1.20£1.16
Kellogg's Cornflakes 500g£1.65£1.33£1.33£1.11
Sunflower Oil 2L (3L max)£2.00£2.00£2.00£2.46
Chicken Breast Fillets 300g£1.97£1.97£1.97£1.94
Basic Whole Chicken 1Kg£2.48£2.35£2.47£2.55
Chopped Tomatoes 1.6Kg£1.36£1.24£1.60£1.30
Loose Bananas 1Kg£0.68£0.68£0.68£0.68
Gala Apples 1Kg£1.95£1.40£1.95£1.86
Carrots 1Kg£0.60£0.57£0.57£0.69
White Potatoes 2Kg£0.94£1.20£1.00£1.59
Unsalted Butter 250g£0.98£1.00£0.98£1.00
Beef Mince 20% Fat 500g£1.79£1.99£1.90£1.75
Comp Shop completed 10/11/14 using data from, and 

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