Saturday, 1 November 2014

Food Non-Essentials Comp: Tesco £28.93, ASDA £27.26, Sainsbury's £29.96, Morrisons £32.89

This non-essentials food comparison was made up entirely of branded products including Heinz, Birds-eye, McCain, Tropicana, Walkers and many others. Top line results:

Tesco £28.93
ASDA £27.26
Sainsbury's £29.96
Morrisons £32.89

As always Asda came out the cheapest with Tesco second. Interestingly Morrisons came a distant 4th this time being £5.63 more than Asda - this does seen out of line with the other comparisons we have done with different product categories, we will see next week if this is an underlying price trend within this category of products for Morrisons. See full table below.

Comp Shop completed 1/11/14 using data from, and