Sunday, 2 November 2014

Gift Pack Ideas for Christmas

So it's this time of year again, and gift buying can be a bit of a chore particularly if you are unsure of the persons interests. With that in mind I have made made a list of some great gift packs on sale now, I tried to find interesting gifts that are reasonably priced (and to keep the number of perfumes and body lotions to a minimum). So in no particular order: 

Peter Puffin or Chicken Hand painted with Bonne Maman Preserve Gift Set - £11.27 Costco 
This would make a really nice gift, with eight quality jams to taste, and ceramic chicken or puffin which can double up as a storage container after. They sell it on amazon here but it is far cheaper in a Costco Warehouse.

Peter Puffin or Chicken Hand painted with Bonne Maman Preserve Gift Set

Ted Baker On Course Ted Messenger Bag - £35 Boots
This pack is all Ted Baker, and includes two body sprays, two shower gels, some soap. Although it is a high price, it does include a Ted Baker bag which alone tend to retail for far more than this, so it seems like good value.

Ted Baker On Course Ted Messenger Bag

Filled Spice Rack - £55 John Lewis
Made out of Glass and Stainless Steel, it feels heavy and well built. It comes with a full jars of Basil, Coriander Seeds, Rosemary, Dried Garlic, Oregano, Marjoram, Onion Salt, Dried Chilli, Cumin, Caraway Seeds and Turmeric. I think this would make a really good gift although a little pricey.

Filled Spice Rack

Filippio Berio Traditional Pasta Making set - Costco (will update on price tomorrow)
This pack is simply a gorgeous gift, it contains a Stainless Steel pasta maker, a wooden parmesan grater, 500ml of olive oil, 190g of Pesto and 1Kg of Delverde Farina Flour. I can't find a good picture of this online, so here is the one I took in the Warehouse. 

Filippio Berio Traditional Pasta Making set

Botany Pamper Collection Birdcage - £5 Tesco
Includes a shower gel, Bath Salts, body lotion, Hand wash and Hand Lotion all decorated in a lovely looking bird cage. For only £5 this would make a very nice gift at an affordable price. 

Botany Pamper Collection Birdcage
It says it is out of stock on the website, but I just saw it at my local extra.

Umbro Total Body Set £3.99 B&M Stores
Adequate gift at a great price - Although this gift pack may not be the best or the fanciest, it includes deodorant, shower gel and body spray all at a really cheap price for a gift pack.
Umbro Total Body

Giant Panda - Costco £26.38
What a great, funny, unusual, albeit totally useless gift - The picture speaks for itself.

Giant Panda - Costco

Box of four glasses - £19.99 BHS
This box is very nicely packaged in a large box. In the store they had several variations of this gift with different types of glasses - this would be a great gift at a pretty good price.

Box of four glasses 

Fuzzy duck Bath and Body Hamper - £25 BHS
This hamper is well presented in a wooden basket, and contains fizzy duck branded items including a Shower Cap, Body Wash, Bath and Shower Crème, Soap, Body Butter, Bath Soak Crystals

Fuzzy duck Bath and Body Hamper

Tower of Treats - £14.60 Costco
This is a personal favourite of mine, it looks amazingly presented, and the six boxes of chocolates and biscuits are delicious. 

Tower of Treats - Costco

Which one do you like? Share your favourite gift packs in the comments.

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