Sunday, 9 November 2014

Are the 99p Stores Worth it?

When you walk into a 99p stores you see a lot of well known brands in pack size sizes small enough to sell at 99p, so I excepted that if you compared the main supermarket prices like-for-like on these brands they would be pretty similar, or the supermarkets would be slightly cheaper on price. 

After extensive comparison this was clearly not the case, the 99p store has proven they can be considerably cheaper on many branded products. They show a huge saving on items such as Typhoo Tea bags, Cif Cleaning Cream, Finish Dishwasher Tablets, McCoys Crisps and Hellmanns Mayonnaise, if you buy these every week it is worth saving money and going to the 99p store. 

However they can be significantly more expensive on other items for example Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Semi Skimmed Milk, Free range eggs, Weetabix and Johnsons Baby Powder. Overall on the price comparison of 29 items the results were:

99p Stores: £34.55
ASDA: £38.90
Tesco: £44.36 
Morrisons: £45.15

So they are the cheapest overall - Even cheaper than Asda! So the stores are definitely worth going to. However since you can not buy all your groceries there it would be best to have a look at what products are a lot cheaper and which products are more expensive as it is not always obvious when you get in there as they often will sell smaller pack sizes that what you are used to. Here is the full results of the comparison:

Kingsmill Soft Bread 800g£0.99£1.45£1.00£1.45
Semi Skimmed Milk 2L£0.99£0.87£0.87£0.88
Granulated Sugar 1Kg£0.99£0.78£1.29£0.78
100 Typhoo tea bags£0.89£1.88£1.56£2.88
Colgate toothpaste 300ml£1.98£4.00£2.25£3.00
24 McVitie's Jaffa Cakes£0.99£1.28£1.33£1.00
Diet pepsi 4 x 330ml cans£0.99£1.25£1.00£1.17
Pepsi 2L bottle£0.99£0.99£1.00£1.00
Imperial Leather Soap 3x100g£0.99£1.13£1.13£1.13
Right Gurad Total 150ml£0.99£1.71£0.80£1.73
Finish Dishwaher Tablet x 10£0.99£1.76£1.15£1.25
Fairy Original 383ml£0.99£0.66£0.66£0.88
Cif Original Cream 500ml£0.99£2.50£2.00£2.34
HP Original 255ml£0.99£0.60£0.85£1.00
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 342g£0.99£0.86£0.75£0.94
Heinz Baked Beans 415g£0.99£0.50£0.62£0.50
Spam 200g£0.99£0.88£1.17£1.17
Sunflower Oil 500g£0.99£0.50£0.50£0.62
Nestle Coffee Mate 180g£0.99£0.81£0.81£0.68
McDougalls Flour 1.25kg£0.99£0.95£1.19£1.00
PG Tips one cup 70 bags£0.99£1.60£1.46£1.17
McCoys Crisps 6x 30g£0.99£3.00£2.00£3.00
Uncle Bens Curry 440g£0.99£1.76£1.76£1.00
Weetabix x 10£0.99£0.79£0.63£0.79
McVitie's Hobnobs 300g£0.99£0.90£1.00£1.00
Robinsons Squash 1.25L£0.99£1.25£1.56£1.42
6 Free Range eggs£0.99£0.98£0.80£1.00
Heinz Mayonnaise 420g£0.99£1.56£1.53£1.56
Hellmanns Mayonnaise 420g£0.99£1.50£2.02£2.02
Domestos Original Beach 750ml£0.99£1.00£0.56£1.10
Dreamies Cat Treats 60g£0.99£1.09£1.00£1.20
Johnson Baby Powder 200g£0.99£0.90£0.60£0.78
Gaviscon Tablets x8£0.99£1.05£1.05£1.00
Aquafresh Mouthwash 500ml£0.99£1.64£1.00£2.74
       Comp Shop 9/11/14 using data from, and 99p Stores

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