Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lidl Vs Brands: Lidl £5.32, Cheapest Supermarket £10.01

Today I made a quick trip to Lidl and I picked up 7 of their own branded items for comparison against the branded competitors. Firstly price, as all the retails have different prices on branded items I took the cheapest one per unit across the big 4 and the most expensive one per unit for further comparison. See table:

Comp Shop completed 1/11/14 using data from Lidl in store,, and
A 50% saving for shopping at Lidl is considerable, however of course price is just one factor of value, quality is more important (the supermarkets have own branded products cheaper than Lidl), so over the next week I will be testing each product against the brand to form a conclusion on the value Lidl delivers. Please follow The Value Club on Twitter or Facebook for updates on this experiment.