Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lidl Vs Doritos Tangy Cheese

Lidl Tortilla Vs Doritos Tangy Cheese

Firstly price, Lidl's El Tequito Torillas were 65p for 200g whilst at Asda the equivalent weight of Doritos is 89p. This is not as larger cost difference as the Tomato Ketchup, (Although this is a promotional price, and you can pay considerably more - Tesco £2.04 for 200g of Doritos). 

The Lidl Tortillas were paler in colour compared with the probably more appetising deeper colour of the Doritos, but of course the most important thing is taste. In this case, out of the four people who tried both, three preferred the Doritos and the last one could not tell the difference. People found the Doritos had more flavour and less of the plain maize taste that the Lidl version had. Therefore I would recommend the Doritos, especially if you can purchase them on promotion. Let me know what you think in the comments. 

Lidl Tortillas (left), Doritos (right)

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