Sunday, 16 November 2014

Non-Essential Food Comparison: Tesco £40.72, ASDA £42.95, Sainsbury's £47.08, Morrisons £44.31

This non-essentials food basket has the same items in as last week so is directly comparable. We see some significant changes, most notably the drop in prices at Tesco which takes them to the cheapest of the big four, interestingly this follows a similar pattern to the Alcohol comparison done on Friday. Here are the top line results with changes week-on-week in brackets:

Tesco £40.72 (-£2.85)
ASDA £42.95 (+£0.44)
Sainsbury's £47.08 (-£1.24)
Morrisons £44.31 (-£2.33) 

Non Essential Food
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 1kg£2.53£2.63£2.59£2.74
Tetley Tea x 100 (max 250)£2.08£1.88£2.29£2.41
Coca cola 2L (max 4L)£1.14£1.14£1.71£1.14
Walkers Sensations 175g£2.29£2.00£1.75£1.00
Birds Eye fish fingers 400g£2.14£1.43£1.82£2.38
Cadbury Dairy Milk Choc 400g£3.23£3.00£3.17£2.22
Mr Kipling Lemon Slices x 6£0.90£0.96£1.13£1.00
Lucozade Orange 2L£2.00£3.96£2.19£1.98
Nescafe Original 300g£2.20£5.00£6.00£7.36
McCain Oven Chips 1kg£1.33£1.33£1.47£1.33
Tropicana Orange Juice 2L£2.86£2.86£2.86£2.86
Robertson's Marmolade 454g£1.00£1.29£1.35£1.29
Frozen Cod Fillets 500g£3.33£3.75£4.69£3.75
Lamb Steaks 500g£5.83£5.38£5.76£5.50
Beef Rump Steak 340g£5.23£3.74£5.79£5.27
Goodfella's Pepperoni pizza£1.62£1.62£1.01£1.09
Sweetcorn 2 cobs£1.00£0.98£1.50£1.00
       Comp Shop 16/11/14 using data from, and

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