Thursday, 20 November 2014

Non-Food Essentials Comparison: Tesco £38.82, ASDA £30.66, Sainsbury's £38.25.25, Morrisons £39.24

The basket consists of all branded goods, so they are directly comparable across supermarkets, furthermore the entire basket was the same as last week so next to the top line results I have included a plus or minus bracket to show the change on the previous week. 

ASDA £30.66 (no change) 
Sainsbury's £38.25 (+£1.74) 
Tesco £38.82 (-£0.25) 
Morrisons £39.24 (no change)

Once again we see Asda as the stand out leader this week, being the cheapest on all items in the basket. Sainsbury's in contrast to other baskets are in 2nd place behind Tesco and Morrisons. 

Essential Non Food
Fairy Washing-up Liquid 870ml£1.64£1.50£1.50£2.00
Finish dishwasher tablet x 34£4.86£3.92£4.86£6.54
Persil Non-bio powder 3.2kg£9.80£6.53£9.00£9.50
Andrex Classic Toilet Roll x 9£4.00£3.50£3.99£3.94
Head and Shoulders 500ml£3.33£2.50£3.33£3.32
Right guard deodorant 250ml£2.50£1.33£2.40£2.89
Colgate regular toothpaste 75ml£1.00£0.56£0.67£0.75
Gillette Mach 3 Blades x 8£13.33£12.31£14.00£12.31

Comp Shop completed 20/11/14 using data from, and

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