Saturday, 22 November 2014

Top 8 in season Fruit & Vegetables

  • It is always the best value when you buy Fruit and Veg in season
  • The produce is better quality and usually cheaper
  • I have made a list of the 8 most in season produce right now
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1) Clementines - Sweet, juicy and easy to peel, its a shame clems are only around this cheap for a few months a year.

A Big 2.3kg box in Tesco for £3.50

Buy them loose in Lidl for £1.49/kg

99p for 600g in Morrisons

2) Parsnips - My favourite winter veg
69p for 500g at Morrisons

Half Price at Tesco 500g for 50p

£1.60/kg in Sainsbury's

3) Pears - These only seem to ripen well at this time of year
5 Large conference pears in Tesco for £1

6 Pears for 99p or 12 for £1.50 in Morrisons


4) Brussels Sprouts - You either love them or hate them
99p Sprouts on the tree Lidl

500g Sprouts Lidl 

£1 Sprouts Sainsbury's

£1.25 Morrisons 500g

5) Sweet Potatoes
£1.25/kg in Sainsbury's

6) Cranberries - Perfect for your Christmas dinner
600g for £3 in Morrisons

7) Pomegranates
Giant Pomegranates in Costco 6 for £3.99

8) Persimmons - Delicious when in season
3 for £1 in Tesco
£3.99 for 6 Giants in Costco

Bonus Kumquats - I saw these unusual fruit in Asda, they were £2.50 for quite a small punnet, and I have to admit they were not worth buying. They tasted like orange peel!

£2.50 for 150g in Asda

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